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Thread: wii crash upon game exit.

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    wii crash upon game exit.

    Hi everyone, so I soft modded my wii, 4.3 u, loading back ups from my WD 2tb my book essential. Using cfg loader. Everything is flawless except for one thing. When I play new super Mario bros, or wwe 13, the play perfect, but when I exit the game via the wii home button, the wii kind of crashes, it turns off back to the TV but the system is still on and the only way to fix it is unplug the power cord.

    Any ideas? If it helps, these 2 back ups are pal for some reason.

    Sorry for the extra post, can't edit from my phone. I forgot to say that when after that Happens, when I try to go into cfg loader it hangs at initializing USB device. Any ideas?
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    Try forcing your region in the loader settings.


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