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Thread: hard mod 2 soft mod backup disc ?

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    hard mod 2 soft mod backup disc ?

    hi all it's the first wii iv done got giving a hard mod wii with a Wiikey 2 it had stop playing all discs & no power. After looking around this site i found the chip was not installed properly 4 the drive it was in. After taking the chip out (what had been soldered 2 the main dvd board) the drive had no power still. I got a new drive works fine done a soft mod on the wii after looking & reading within this site evey thing fine plays games in wiiflow from a usb flash i need 2 no the person who wii it is has a load of backup games on dvd what will not play now with the new drive & been a 4e wii i have no backup discs 2 try only a original disc but if i get a backup disc from him will my pc able 2 copy the disc & from there put it through WBFS Manager,ncWBFSTool ect. 2 turn into a file 4 the HD what the wii will be playing the backups from

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    Close this thread sorry 4 the post jusk thinking of it the backups will be iso,s etc anyway form the backup disc they'll all be downloaded not from original so just a matter of copy the disc & run the iso ect.In WBFS Manager,ncWBFSTool ect & copy 2 HD formatted 4 the wii in WBFS Manager,ncWBFSTool & run in wiiflow THINK AM RIGHT ANYWAY


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