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    Unhappy Wad Manager

    Using wad manager 1.1 via HBC but it only shows 10 wad files on screen my wad folder as 30+ files in it, is this normal or have i got a problem.
    Have downgraded from 3.4e to 3.2e firmware, starfall also installing.

    Thx Robbie

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    scroll down -,_-,

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    Internet Channel

    Thx to ChrisChown and Admiral, I've sorted wad manager now got new problem. Installed Internet Channel from wad file but when I access it I get as far as the start page then it freezes and only way to unfreeze is to swicth the Wii off and back on. Have tried converting the region think had ntsc so convert to pal but still the same. Thx


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    this is a common problem with that app, get one in your region and dont change it

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    I was wondering where the rest where

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    Wad Manager

    Many Thanks to all that posted, I can now find all my wad files and have found and installed a PAL version of the internet channel. Only two more probs remain, but will start new thread in dump and burning section.

    Thanks Again Robbie


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