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    Come back...

    Yo I'm kinda not of a newbie, I've soft modded my ages ago, but haven't used my wii in a long time. I just started to play my wii again you know since wii u is coming out and i felt like playing my wii games again. When I first started playing my wii again I noticed some of my games on usb loader gx isn't showing up but it appears on cfg loader. I'm going to start reading some threads on loaders, but don't really mind now since my brother broke my external hard drive. So I guess the main think I'm asking for are things to get me up to speed on the current wii softmods like if there are any thing that is out dated and things I should install to work better. Also wondering if I should make another backup of my nand like to have a updated/current version of it, I don't know really. So if anyone can point me in the right direction to speed up my research so i know what I should do coming back I'd be very grateful.
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    I would recommend going through the "Softmod Any Wii" guide start to finish (skip NOTHING), just to make sure your IOSs are all up to date, the guide will also give you the latest USB Loaders plus it will have you make a new updated NAND backup for emergency recovery. My most recommended programs are Multi-Mod Manager or WiiMod, USB Loader GX, sysCheck, Homebrew Browser, Devolution, FCE Ultra GX, SNES9X GX, Genesis Plus GX and lastly WiiXplorer.

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    Cool thanks SNES_Master. I've been re-reading the "Softmod Any Wii" guide and thanks the recommened programs.


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