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Thread: Noob v3.4 downgrade/HBC Install

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    Noob v3.4 downgrade/HBC Install

    Hello everyone; new to the forums. Good site you guys have here with tons of info. I am planning on adding the Homebrew Channel and downgrading to firmware v3.2. I plan on using the guide here. Is there any other info that i need? I plan on mainly using the HBC for playing backups and maybe with some more research load up some more homebrew. Also, how well does the wii play roms? I modded my xbox for this reason and some of the game run pretty crappy.

    Thanks in advance

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    First install the HBC and then downgrade. There is a link for both in my sig.

    ROMs run pretty well exept the N64 emulator. It only runs them at half speed.

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    anytitle deleter is a program not to touch

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    I'm not sure I follow... anytitle deleter?

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    It's an app. Don't use it unless you know what you're doing.


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