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Thread: covers download in cfg loader

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    covers download in cfg loader

    hi folks,
    i have just modded my brothers wii and everything went well using the guide off here i have managed to persude him to use a hard drive but brought it with files on and doesnt want to lose so its formatted in ntfs so procedded to load the cfg onto it and works ok but when i get to download covers comes up with

    set ntfs-_write=1

    how on earth do i change this please

    thanks in advance.

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    I think you have to do it on your PC with a text editor. The 2 files that you want to look at are in the usb-loader folder, in the root of your drive. One is called config.txt, the other is called settings.cfg. You will probably have to add the line ntfs-_write=1. I think settings.cfg gets priority over config.txt


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