Hey Guys,

I recently downloaded WiiMC off of the Homebrew Browser like everyone else unless they personally placed it in the /apps folder on their SD card. Either way, I loaded WiiMC no problem, then went to networking to create an SMB share so as to access files from my personal computer, through my Wii via wireless. I've read multiple forums thus far, and still haven't found a solution. Here's what i did so far.

Ran ipconfig/all to obtain my ip address for the SMB
Set the sample picture folder on my pc to shared (using it as a test file to see if the SMB share works)
Shared setting was set to Everyone
SMB details were set to:
Display name: Pictures
IP: what ipconfig/all gives me
Folder Name: Sample Pictures
User Name: Blank
Password: Blank

If anyone knows what is going on, please help me out.