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Thread: Wii mc channel installer

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    Wii mc channel installer

    Hi all,
    I have a new black wii with wiimotion plus controller. Was on 4.3u. Used the guide here to softmod my wii.

    Im trying to install the wiimc channel to the wii menu with wiimc channel installer 1.9, but when it loads it says install or cancel but i cant select anything. Im thinking its not compatible with tge new wiimote. Either way what can i do to install this??

    Also what file type plays the best with wiimc. My mp4s play like crap. Trying xvid .avi now

    Thanks guys!


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    Yeah, I don't think the channel installer is compatible with the Wiimote+, try it with an older model.
    Not sure about what file extension plays the best on WiiMC since I've never used it.


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