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Thread: Softmodded Wii 4.3 some games black screen, cios issue?

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    Softmodded Wii 4.3 some games black screen, cios issue?

    Hey all, this is my second softmodded wii and i've just come to test some of my games which i've ripped to my usb hard drive and most work fine but some have issues.

    I'm using usb loader gx(i think its called) and when i click the game rather than showing a splash screen(i assume thats whats its called) it is just black and has settings and start game button. when i click start the screen goes black and then sends me back to the homebrew channel.

    I attempted to install the d2x cios to fix it but it seems it hasnt worked.

    I'm a bit confused by all these cIOS versions and base numbers etc and just wondering what I need to do to make sure that all the games run properly?

    If any other info is needed please let me know.

    Here is my systemcheck:


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    Why you got so many Wii's to hack/mod ?
    Study the differences of installing Forwarder Channel and Full Channel.
    Without the boot.dol in SD:/apps/xxx, you get the problem.


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