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Thread: Help With Bricked Wii. Bootmii/ios!!!!!!

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    Help With Bricked Wii. Bootmii/ios!!!!!!

    Hey there, Newb here to the wii modding scene, I just followed one of your guides on this site and got an error when I was trying to install the prillloader with the motionplus, And My wii froze while I was trying to get this loader to install, So I turn off the wii and what do you know, my Wii is now, I think bricked. Now I've been searching for hours: What I do know is my wii turns on, and I can hear the disk drive boot up, but have the black screen of death. I remember loading hbc, and bootmii as an ios since I couldn't do it as boot2. I made a nand backup and have it all saved. What are my options to fix this? I have read a few tutorials and have had no luck. I've read that I can use a nand formatter if I have bootmii installed as an ios (although not recommended), and I've tried it, but no avail. I load everything onto my sd 2g card and start the wii, with nothing showing, What am I doing wrong, and what other information can I give anyone to help me!

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    Have you tried holding in the reset button on your console when turning it on?

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    Yes I've tried that, I get nothing but a black screen and the console running.

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    I was wondering If reinstalling my nand would correct my problems and I did make a back up, But how do I accomplish that on bootmi thats ios?

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    Use a GameCube controller, get into RM, run MMM/WadManager to install the needed IOSs,
    load in NANDbackup with BootMii from RM

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    so I've tried for quite a bit now I don't know If I'm doing something wrong or what, but I can't get into RM, Does that mean my wii is competely ***ckd?? err wha?

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    Only nand programming can fix your wii. Send it to a nand programer, deadlyfoez, streamline hd, krafter, they are all in the states. Bad-Ad84 is in England. They are all wonderful.
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