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Thread: wad manager.

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    Post wad manager.

    i downloaded wad manager .wad and now i have errors installing the usb 2.0 things for the usb ports to be working hacked.

    i have 1.7. i select sd card and get 'error -101 or -11.

    i select wii usb 2.0 storage. (not the mass storage option). and i get error -101 or -1 or -11 or something. i ferget. i got all the erro number right tho. should i just have kept the nand disabled?

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    was i really supose to download 2 versions of the wad manager? i got that from

    i now have the wad manager channel installed but when i go to it it wants me to install to somewhere. and when i select "usb 2.0 mass storage device" it says "error ! ret = -1"

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    Did you select what IOS to use. Try 236.


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