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Thread: How to get 480p on a projector?

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    How to get 480p on a projector?

    I recently bought a BenQ MW516 projector.

    It only has HDMI, VGA and S-Video inputs.

    I have seen some cheap converters but I also ready PAL versions dont work over S-Video, not sure if thats a software or hardware issue?

    Anyway, just asking what do you think is the best reasonably cheap option?


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    Connect Wii component video into a HD Box which will output VGA to BenQ.

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    Does it have to go through a HD box?

    I'm not 100% sure but I thought something like a "Component video to VGA" similar to this one?

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    Make sure it is RCA --> VGA.
    HD Box is active , the one you shown is passive.
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    I thought RCA cant put out 480p? I'm not sure but I thought someone would have done it already if it was easy.

    Cos I can just plug in the RCA to the RCA video in or is it because it goes to the VGA it will be 480p?

    Its confusing for me.


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