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    updating shopping channel

    Hi all, I had my wii softmodded a while back but recently decided on netflix, to do this i gotta update the shopping channel. I have tried a few times with this guide with no success. My main question is how do I load Wii Mod v3.0? I have tried putting it in my apps folder but it doesnt show up in hbc. I have extracted it and renamed it wiimod. thanks

    Any Region- Offline Installation
    Step 1- Download IOS 56 and Shopping Channel v20. Korean Wiis grab the Korean Shopping Channel from HERE

    Step 2- Create a folder called "wad" on the root of the SD and put the wads in there.

    Step 3- Load Wii Mod v3.0 -> Select Load IOS and change it to 36 or 236-> Select Wad Manager -> Select your Source device -> and install the wads
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    ok so i figured out wii mod v3.0, to anyone having problems with it you gotta go into the wii mod v3.0 folder, then into the card folder, then into the app folder and copy the wiimod folder in my case onto the sd card, then i was able to load wii mod on the hbc.


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