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Thread: why isnt wad manager showing on my hbc? and how to fix this issue?

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    Post why isnt wad manager showing on my hbc? and how to fix this issue?

    hi. i went here

    i downloaded the wad manager from the first link of the 2.

    went to: waninkoko-wad-manager-8b9b917 > source. and copied (not moved) the wad-manager.c file to the WAD folder. is this all correct to get the wad manager working and showing up inside the homebrew channel?

    and i thought the file was supose to be a .wad? what happened there?

    i dont c any .wad files. the files are all ".x" not ".xxx".

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    Place it inside your apps folder. The wad folder is only for the wads you want to install.

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    my wad manager and the channel for it still doesnt show up. why not?

    and neither does the atari 2600.wad program that is for the .wad file.

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    What toby said and make sure you keep the folder name clean... Once happened to me that the folder name had numbers and such and it didn't appear.

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    Wad manager is a dol file. If its not called boot.dol, rename it. Make a folder called WADManager. Put your boot.dol in that folder. Put that folder in your apps folder.

    EDIT: I checked the google link. Followed the link from there to FileTrip. Downloaded the WAD Manager. In that zip file are four files, 3 are text files(you don't need them). The other is the WAD-Manager.dol. Don't know where you got source from. Be carefull what wads you install. You can easily brick your Wii if your not carefull.
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