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Thread: I'm looking to DOWNGRADE the Homebrew Channel to 1.0.5

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    I'm looking to DOWNGRADE the Homebrew Channel to 1.0.5

    I have the current Homebrew Channel, but I'd like to downgrade it back to and older revision, namely 1.0.5. The Mame emulator simply won't work with the newest HBC, and I've read that it has the best compatibility with HBC 1.0.5 so I figure it's worth a shot. I have a Hackmii Installer containing HBC 1.0.5, however when I try to install it, it says that there are no vulnerable IOS'. Is there anyway for me to downgrade the Homebrew Channel from its current version to the 1.0.5 version?

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    I have two hbcs installed on my Wii, the latest one and the backup from the soft mod any Wii guide. It may a good idea to try the latter one. The only problem I've encountered is that when I exit an app I have to restart my Wii. Not sure why it happens, but the channel is only there for - as it says - a backup.
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    Is there no way to do that without going through the whole process again? Also, if I throw on the hackmii installer folder to my SD card with the 1.0.5 HBC, I'm not certain it would work; even using the softmod any wii guide simply because when I run it, it states that there are no vulnerable IOS' for this version.

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    why dont you try running the emulator with one of the exploits(letterbomb, smash stack, etc) around?

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    Those exploits simply install the homebrew channel, which I already have. No, MAME does not work on the current revision of HBC, which I have. I'm trying to downgrade it to an older version, because supposedly mame works with it.

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    when the exploit is run it will attempt to execute a .dol or .elf file
    just use the one from your emulator by putting it on the sd card root

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    I'll give it a shot. But even if it does work, I'd rather not have to do that every time I want to play a MAME game.

    EDIT: Tried it. It did the same thing, loaded the game to 81 % and then kicked me out.
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    if you can load in the required IOS, you could reinstall the old HBC

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    I'm not sure what you mean by load the required IOS. Could you elaborate a little bit on that?

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    Search history, Check out which IOS and it's version, of which the HBC-1.0.5 basically activated.

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