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Thread: Wiiflow: "Last Story" sends to wii main menu when selected.

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    Wiiflow: "Last Story" sends to wii main menu when selected.

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to figure out how to solve this issue for a bit, and well to be frank I'm stumped and am looking for some more experienced advice.
    I'm currently running iOS 249 I think (Multi Mod manager states it as IOS58 v6176), and WiiFlow 4.0 r430. I had a friend walk me through soft modding about a week ago, and spent the weekend working on wiiflow, and trying to get games to run.
    I started with Skyward Sword, and continuously had the issue where upon selecting play wiiflow would kick me back to the wii main menu. Eventually I got around that with a wad file that apparently forced the wii motion plus video to run, allowing the game to get going. I had thought with that done, my issues should be resolved. However, I am now having the same exact issue with running "The Last Story" and nothing I've done, or read to try (forcing the refresh rate, video, language in options) Has seemed to work, every time the game is selected it loads the wiiflow screen, then kicks me to the main menu.
    Before it's asked, I am aware that there are newer versions of wiiflow, however 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 froze every time I tried to use them, 4.0 is the only one I've managed to get to work. Thanks in advance to anyone helping.
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    Try installing the newest stable D2x Cios


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