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Thread: usb loader gx freezes after dx2 update 248

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    Exclamation usb loader gx freezes after dx2 update 248

    hi guys im new here, made an account to learn more from you guys, been searching on google for answers on how to fix my problem but i have no luck, my problems is that i wanted to play call of duty black ops on my usb , i had the forever loading problem but other than that every other game worked, so i went to some forum WSBETA and downloaded their newest cios 2x V7 not the V8, so i followed their recomendation base installation since i have ios 58 i used it as a base and installed d2x on 248 slot cause in my case i had to installed it there on their recomendation, after a succesful installation i went on to try out COD BlOps but my usb loader woulndt load or detect my usb anymore, and i heard this problem is common on alot of people here is my syscheck i know its very messed up since i know nothing of wii cios etc sysCheck.txt
    IOSsyscheck.txt please help, how can i fix this all of this?? my wii is 4 3 U

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Search COD-BlackOP the thread will guide you out of trouble.


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