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Thread: dios mios 2.3 problems with usb loader gx!

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    dios mios 2.3 problems with usb loader gx!

    hello everyone i recently softmodded my wii after finding out about it. i've had hbc for a very long time since the twilight hack.
    anyway i have been trying to get dios mios to run properly with usb, i've tried many ways and finally got it working with usb loader gx r1202 and dios mios 2.3. i got it to play super smash bros melee and starfox assault however when i stop playing sometimes it will not load again, dios mios will either give me an apploader size is 0 error, it will have a black screen and not load the splash or will load the splash but the wii will shut down afterwards. i've noticed that this starts happening after i unplug my usb from my wii and add something to it. i actually got it fixed once, not very sure how but it involved using wad manager to reinstall dios mios 2.3(and i managed to play) but now it started giving me errors again.
    can somebody help me fix this definitely?

    update: so i just reformatted my HDD and now the only thing i get is a black screen AFTER the dios mios splash screen if i run ssbm and it will freeze on the splash screen if i run starfox

    SOLVED: yesterday i found a similar problem, turned out easeus from the fat32 didn't format me to 32kb even though it should have
    used acronis disk director and it got fixed
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    i tried the part about having a blackscreen after the splash screen but it's still happening, and the games had run properly before

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    Check out the DIOS MIOS Guide here on Wiihacks, the people there can (or will surely try to) resolve your issue.


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