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Thread: Cannot play games from HDD, IOS Reload: Blocked

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    Cannot play games from HDD, IOS Reload: Blocked

    I just softmodded my 4,3E Wii with mauifrog's Softmod any wii. But when I try to start a game from the HDD this is what happens:

    Booting wii game, please wait .....
    IOS Reload: Blocked

    The screen turns black for about 30 seconds, then another message appears:

    An error has occured.
    Press the EJECT Button, remove the Disc,
    andturn of the power to the console.
    Please refer to the Wii Operations Manual
    for details.

    Can somebody help me out ???

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    Playing with NeoGamma ?

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    No, I'm playing with configurable usb loader. The wii has a wiikey installed, since before the softmod. But that shouldn't cause any problems, should it??
    I re-softmodded it again to see if I've made somthing wrong, but it still acts the same.
    Tried the usb loader gx too. I can see all the games stored on the HDD, but when i try to start one up, the screen just turns black and freezes.

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    OK, I managed to solve my problem.
    While I was testing averything I could think of, I put a gamedisc in the Wii and started it - worked fine.
    Then I started the cfg loader again and started a game(with the gamedisc still in the Wii). Guess what? It worked properly. All games loaded as they should.
    Is there somthing missing in my installation or could it be the Wiikey making this problem?
    I guess it's not a problem for me, leaving a gamedisc in the Wii forever. But I still wonder if I could do something, to make it work without the gamedisc?

    At least this might help somone else out in the future.

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    You meant with any Disc still in (e.g. Lego star war), you can play any other games (e.g. Mario Kart) in HDD running CFG usbloader?
    If not the case, you're playing with Wiikey all the time, not running CFG.
    Wiikey shouldn't help CFG, they're competitors!

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    Yes of course. With any disc still in, I can play any other game from HDD using CFG usbloader.
    Sorry if I didn't express my self correct.


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