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Thread: Nothing loads via USB

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    Nothing loads via USB

    I recently softmodded to 4.3u. Not 1 game will load from my HDD. I have updated all IOS's that I could find but nothing has solved my problem. All games give me a green or black screen.


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    Looks like you need to install custom IOSes. 236 sez trucha bug so that should be okay. You need to do the d2x thing. The slots around the 250 should say nand access & USB2.0
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    I did do the D2x v8 final install. The system check saved to an excel file for some reason so when I pasted it into notepad and then on to here it didn't copy everything over. All slots around 250 have d2x NAND access and usb 2.0.

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    You could try opening your syscheck.csv with word pad. Then go to file, save as. Then change the csv extension to txt then save it. Then try reposting it to see if it displays right.

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    Here is the correct format for the system check. I've installed all of the IOS updates from the soft-mod any wii guide, including the additional IOS updates(right below the modpack download). I installed the d2x files and I've also installed all IOS's other than the korean IOS files. I am 99% positive that I have every IOS that there is but no matter which usb loader app I choose to use, I consistently get a green or black screen. I've messed with the video settings, swapping between force NTSC and every other option available in that catagory. Sometimes I can hear the game booting behind the green screen but I am not sure that means anything.

    Here is my system check:


    Full background on Wii:

    This is my friends Wii but I am fixing it for him due to his recent problems. This Wii was on 4.2U and all games loaded via USB with no problem. Several games were added to his hard drive and all games seemed to have stopped working after that moment. After having it in my possession I updated it to 4.3U, mainly because I did not know any better, and re-softmodded first using the letterbomb method for 4.3 and then again using the starting instructions for Wii's with a homebrew channel already installed. There are two downloads within the softmod guide that are mostly comprised of IOS updates. One of which is modpack and the other is IOS UPDATE, both of which I have installed with no problems. I downloaded and installed d2x v8 after reading around and observing that most people solved their problem with the d2x files. I followed a newer guide found on this site that provides an UPDATE for quite a few IOS files. It was titled UPDATE ALL IOS's I believe. Regardless, no matter what IOS/CIOS files I have installed and no matter what video/game settings I run I cannot get a single game to load via USB. I have swapped the HDD with another just to test the compatibility and I assure you that the hard drive works fine. Someone please help me, I would hate for my friend to have to get another Wii because of this.

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    Sounds like a hardware problem. If you tried the drive on another Wii and it worked okay, then that rules that out. Unless the new d2x breaks compatibility for that drive. Most loaders default to the 250/249 slot, and you have that covered, so its not a config setting. Run a syscheck on the other Wii so that you can compare them. Try the SD from the other Wii to see if it is a config setting, i know its unlikely. I know its not much of a solution, but if the usb ports are faulty, he can run games from SD until he can source another Wii. Don't right it off just yet though, i could be missing something. I know it might be state the obvious, but do you have it plugged in the right port.
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    I've tried the SD from the other Wii already so I know its not a config setting. I'm sure I have it plugged into the appropriate port as well. If it were a faulty port would I even be able to load it with any of the usb loading apps? I can see all titles when I open each app but each time I load a game I get a green or black screen. Sometimes I will get a green screen and other times a black screen even if I do not change any of the settings. I'll try running a game from SD and post a system check from my other Wii as well.

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    Could still be a faulty port that fails under load. If you can see the titles then you must be in the right port. Not sure that it matters, but you are running the latest homebrew channel. Your running the homebrew channel then using that to run your game loader. Your running your apps from an SD card. Could be a faulty SD card, some of the base files could be corrupt. It could still be the d2x. When you installed it did you select the, i have no need for piracy. If not play some discs then install it again. You could try the old d2x, i think I'm still on v6, all my games work so i have no need to change it. Its only two slots and you can always install over them.
    Something else to consider, is that a iffy SD card, could be doing a corrupt install. I had a similar thing on a PS2 years ago.
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    I tried running a game from SD last night to no avail. Still getting the green/black screen. When I load a game in CFG usb loader I get a msg while the game is loading saying "IOS 249 reload blocked" or something very similar to that. That msg will show up and then the game attempts to load by going to the green/black screen. I've used the SD and Hard drive from this Wii in another and everything works fine. In total I've tried out 2 different hard drives and 3 different SD cards with not luck, all of which work on my other Wii. I'm not familiar with the "I have no need for piracy" option on a d2x install. I'll check that out but other than that I think I'm running out of options.

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    The IOS reload blocked is normal. The "i have no need for piracy" Might not be on the new d2x or i could be confusing it with the IOS236 installer, which is needed to restore the trucha bug so you can do the d2x. It must be a cIOS issue.
    I had another look at the syscheck and it all looks good.
    One thing i did notice is that their are no IOS40 & IOS52 slots.
    I don't think it matters though cos they would of been stubs. Not sure what it means, them not being there. If the nand was failing you would have other issues. Did you get many bad blocks when backing up the nand. Does your friend have the old nand back up.
    I hope someone else jumps on here with some new ideas, as I'm at a lose as to what it could be.
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