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Thread: everything from one drive

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    everything from one drive

    I have my standard Wii games on a large drive with plenty of extra space and I really love the convenience of having everything in one place via usb loaders and the reduced load times and all of that. Is it possible to have Wiiware and Gamecube sharing that same drive and accessible with similar ease? I'd rather not have to swap an additional drive for my gc backups, and being able to call up wiiware games interchangeably with the standard Wii and gc games would be smooth as heck.

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    I think its possible with usbloaderGX. You will need Dios Mios installed to your nand for loading gamecube games from USB. I've never tried launching Gamecube games from USB with usbloaderGX, not sure if it supports it, loads them from SD if you have DML installed. You will need a 32kb cluster size on your FAT32 file system SD card. I don't think usbloaderGX does full nand emulation, but can emulate Wiiware and VC from SD, not sure about USB. It can also load Wiiware and VC from your nand.
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    Yeh like mentioned, USB loader GX will run your wii and GameCube from USB via Dios Mios, also wiiware and VC games all run side by side in one convenient package, you can even view anything installed to emunand and play them too without ever switching app.

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    Can all aforementioned types of games be installed onto and played from a single external drive?

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    Wii and GameCube yes, NAND emulation works from external hdd also, any games installed to it will be present within GX and it will also show your real NAND VC/Wiiware (if you have any) alongside everything else.

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    Yeah, going by what HulkWogan said. I've done them all from SD, But not from USB. I've run Wii games from USB, but only ever run Gamecube games from SD. Wiiware/VC i have run from SD and NAND, but not from USB. All using usbloaderGX to load them.

    You beat me to it HulkWogan.
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    @mk2escort sorry mate

    The op will be happy to know everything he/she desires within the question is totally achievable.

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    @HulkWogan thats okay

    I thought it was achievable, but wasn't quite sure.

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    From reading another thread I gather that the partition the gc games are on has to be primary. If I already have Wii games on it will there be a conflict? How do I treat the different partitions?

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    I just format my drive as FAT32 with a 32kb cluster size. Make sure its set as primary and active. WARNING: Reformatting the drive will delete everything thats on it, so make sure its all backed up. You don't need another partition. Wii games go in the wbfs folder. You will have to convert them to wbfs files. You can't play Wii ISOs from a FAT32 file system. Gamecube games go in the games folder. You will have to DiscEX them first. You might want to wait and see what HulkWogan has to say. I might of missed something. No they don't conflict.

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