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Thread: Wii Freezes

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    Wii Freezes

    I have just brought external harddisk that needs to be connected on power outlet and usb port on wii,but almost every time that I connect my hd my wii freezes ( somethimest I can play some games from him ).Does any1 knows how to fix this

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    just to say brand of harddisk is externe PROWORX festplatte 1TB brought in Wienna (Austria)

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    I looked at the usb compatibility list and i don't see your hard drive model there, so it might just not be compatible, before you go out an buy an external HD it might be a good idea to look at the list first, just to be sure, is not 100% but at least you'll get an idea as to what works.

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    damn right now i am not in a position to buy new hd thx anyway


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