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Thread: I Brick my KOR Wii with ERROR 003 ?

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    I Brick my KOR Wii with ERROR 003 ?

    guys a canoe happen at all today launched a flash attachment to this did not already well on the Occupational and just updated to 4.3 and overthrown letterbomb - it automatically puts me HBC and there remained only throw USB Loader GX D2x installer and install something like this like - and I was on the last softmod ask - so it was with fell and NTSC models ... but today started update on vayfay a Wii - it was as if 3.4u - American thought should be no problems - in the middle of where you wrote the error - then rebooted and now Error 003 unauthorised device ... as it turned out was still viishka Korean patched to NTSC ask why that ... now you can do about it in the foreign forum read but did not fully understand what it is like solving something like chips or disc recorded what that pig like even go to .... What does the work necessary to give Wii ....
    Sorry for my English

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    a Korean Wii could be coverted into American version, such as 3.xU. When it's updated online to 4.3u, there came the Error #003; and the Wii is "bricked".
    to Unbrick the console, you may like to do:
    - apply the Disc Swap method to solve #003 Error (i.e. search the Tutorial in )
    - with HBC, run the apps "Koreankill" to clear the Korean Key in EEPROM (i.e. internal memory of the Wii).

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