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Thread: Blank/Black screen Seagate HDD w\ usb loaders

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    Blank/Black screen Seagate HDD w\ usb loaders

    Hello everyone!

    I have recently purchased a external Seagate External Desktop Hard Drive ST310005EXA101-RK 1TB USB 2.0 (it is confirmed to be working on wiihacks compatible usb list). I have also recently re-softmodded my wii to 4.1. I followed Mauifrog's guide to the letter with no errors and then proceeded to update everything with ModMii and install WiiFlow, WiiFlow advanced and Configurable USB Loader. I posted my sysCheck in the thread on this site and got it checked out: it is all good (there is still a copy at the end of this thread). Here is what I have:
    1- WiiFlow, WiiFlow Advanced & Configurable usb loader will load games from my 1GB SD
    2- WiiFlow & Wiiflow advanced will detect my HDD but when I click play I get a blank/black screen and it all crashes to the system menu
    3- Configurable USB loader doesn't even detect my HDD
    I have it plugged into the usb0 port, wiiMC will detect my HDD and play files from it, it is FAT32 set as primary and active (used EaseUS partition master to do so) and I used Wii Backup Manager to put .iso -> .wbfs games into a WBFS file on my HDD. I have tried to use a USB drive instead of my HDD and I get the same results.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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    when you unplug the drive does the channel load? Im having a very similar issue

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    I am not quite sure I understand what you mean but Wiiflow, Confiurable USB Loader or USB Loader GX launch whether or not my HDD is plugged into them. On WiiFlow I can cycle through the input options (usb0-1 or SD) with no problem. SD shows me my SD, USB1 shows HDD games and USB2 does nothing. If I unplug my HDD just the SD option remains.

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