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Thread: Super Smash Bros Brawl Insert Game Disc Disc Screen Fix? - CFG/GX

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    Us Super Smash Bros Brawl Insert Game Disc Disc Screen Fix? - CFG/GX

    When loading Super Smash Bros Brawl game back up via USB the game immediatly goes to
    a light-green/white screen stating "Please insert the Super Smash Bros Brawl game disc."

    Both USB Loader GX and Configurable USB Loader encounter the same issue.
    Have tried both NTFS and FAT32 drives, wbfs and iso file types.

    ISO/WBFS/Game File Information:
    Unscrubbed Full Game ISO on NTFS drive.
    Unscrubbed Full Game WBF1&WBFS (split via Wii Game/Back Up Manager, created from same ISO) on FAT32 drive.
    ISO has been Dolphin tested on same NTFS drive via PC.
    SHA-1 confirmed? NO! Step by step please?

    USB Loader Settings:
    I have tried changing the IOS/cIOS, tried changing other settings, pretty much everything from how the game loads to no ocarina.
    No matter what configuration or IOS I load/do, it seems to make NO difference.

    I have tried inserting random wii/gamecube discs, no difference.
    I've confirmed via ModMii that I have the latest&recommended settings according to syscheck.
    Other Wii Games load 100%, this is my only problem game.

    Features I'd like not to lose:
    Rock Band 3 DLC mods
    Dios Mios (DM) for Playing Gamecube Back ups.
    Downloaded VC wads
    Configurable USB Loader preffered default loader and solution, as all gamecube and wii games run best IMO.
    DarkWii Green
    FAT32 ONLY - If brawl can work on fat32 being split, this is much preffered due to Gamecube games requiring FAT32.
    All games on one USB running flawlessly is the goal at the end of this.

    Syscheck/System Check:


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