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Thread: Usb loader GX Error

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    Usb loader GX Error

    my wii was working well for two months but today when I wandet to play games using usb loader my wii frezzes an I get messege "exception (DSI) occured ... and when I try to enter via home brew channel I get this massage usb loader needs unstubbed cios 222v4 or 249 v9 I found 222 - 0
    249 - 0 does any1 konw how o fix this problem ?

    P.S if you can make a step by step help because I am not good at this thx

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    Have you updated by mistake. Sounds like your slots have been stubbed. Run a syscheck and check those slots.

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    yeah I have updated by mistake but found the solution on forum and fix it

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    Same problem here. How'd you fix it?

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    Did you complete the softmod? If you got "need unstubbed cIOS," you have something either incorrectly completed or haven't done it yet. You had cIOS 249 and 250, but no 222 or 223 for example. If you have it set to 222/223, you'd get that message. If you complete the softmod, you shouldn't be getting this at all.

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    Well, everything was working fine until I installed d2x v10 beta53alt wads then my usb loader gx started giving me the "need unstubbed cios 222 v4 or 249 v9. I suppose installing them was a mistake on my part and now I don't know where in the tutorials to begin to fix it. I wish I could just undo the install.

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    Your post was auto-moderated due to the link in your post, I manually approved it. That being said, what in the world are you doing? Pretty sure you were directed here, where you will find no such installation indicated.

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    I had already done the "d2x v10 beta53alt wads" before posting here. I'm a moron. Thought I knew what i was doing. I did manage to get usb loader gx working again with by getting cios 222 v4 back using uloaders help. Thank god. It's a learn as I go type thing and I must be a slow learner. Plus I'm lazy. Thanks for your patience.


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