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Thread: Mario Kart Wii/Black Ops

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    Mario Kart Wii/Black Ops

    Not sure if this post is going to go against the rules, so i'm just going to go for it. I downloaded ISO's for both Mario Kart Wii and Black Ops. So far I've only tried out Black Ops, and have noticed I can't go to the multiplayer part. The real reason I even downloaded the game was for combat training. Is there a way around this that doesn't involve buying the game?

    The reason I brought up Mario Kart at all was that it had a pretty big online portion of the game, and I kind of figured it would be the same way as Black Ops.

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    You are not sure if it goes against the rules? Read the rules! We do not support (PIRACY) here at Wiihacks.

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