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Thread: psp and nintendo ds,which should i choose??

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    psp and nintendo ds,which should i choose??

    psp and nintendo ds,which should i choose??

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    PSP is better then DS because on the PSP u can watch movies,go on the internet,play better games.

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    WHAT how can you even begin to think the PSP's better, its a peice of crud drop it once broken. DS now thats awesome free online play can take more than one drop, touch pad, fun party games, and MORE MONEY FOR GAMES because PSP's 250bucks and DS is 150, so make your choice, you want a peice of $#!+ or the best handheld made today. OH AND DS'S GOT POKEMON

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    Go DS. Much better games, better variety, better battery life, and it's just a much better hand held system.

    I'm not exactly biased either, I own a PSP (bought one of the first ones to be shipped to US. Pre-order) and my 9 year old brother has a DS. Guess which one I always pick up and play when I get the chance to go home? The DS of course.

    PSP Is a big expensive, sexy-looking machine that can watch movies (The discs are expensive) in a minature screen. The games are more expensive (but the graphics are better), but then you also run the risk of people robbing you, it's much bigger than the DS, and well.. the games are mediocre compared to the DS (subjective opinion on my part).

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    Nitendo ds. Much more games. More fun games. Cheaper games. Overall psp is heavy on your wrists and hands. Ds is lighter and is more fun because you can use the stylus which makes it more interactive and more fun. Happy buying!!!!

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    i would go with a DS. you can play many games against other DS owners globally. the touch screen takes you to a totally new experience in video games.


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