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Thread: question on lock up

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    question on lock up

    Ok I have successfully applied the software modification to my wii.

    Thanks to everyone who spent the time making this possible.

    I have noticed occasionally the wii will lock up. The screen goes black with a lot of text. Something about restarting USB Launcher gx. I think like 20 seconds.

    It never reboots, so I have to just hold the power button and restart myself.

    It seems to do it when once we are finished playing a game and want to start a different game.

    It doesn't do it all the time but very occasionally.

    I was wondering is this normal, and is there anything that I should do.

    Also I have also hear that once you have homebrew channel installed that you can play dvd that way.

    Now does this only apply to store bought dvd, or can you also play dvd that was made at home

    Thanks in advance

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    It's hard to diagnose a problem when all you say is "it has a lot of text". Tell us what the text says.

    also, if your wii is a white wii, made a few years ago, it can probably play dvds. Newer wii's made 2009+ can't play dvds.


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