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Thread: Japanese Wii to USA firmware/os

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    Question Japanese Wii to USA firmware/os

    Hello, i did read a lot of the guides in the forum but i am still not sure about it.
    I know someone who is selling a Japanese Wii, untouched. I did read that the Japanese wiis don't have the English language menu. So, before i do anything stupid i want to ask:
    Can i follow the guides in this forum to softmod this Japanese Wii and have everything in English (firmware/os, store, etc) and play any region games ,
    I did i misunderstood everything and this is not possible with this console ?


    *This is a white Wii. RVL 001*
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    Ok, you can Softmod your Jap Wii, according to thie SOFTMOD ANY WII post.
    Then, apply ARC (any region changer) to change it into a fully US version console, at your wish.

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    Thanks a lot! I will buy it and post there when i finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pache View Post
    Thanks a lot! I will buy it and post there when i finish.
    Softmod a Wii is a pcs of cake. Just pay attention to the steps, per Softmod Any Wii and don't fool around with others.
    Good luck!


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