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Thread: Have anyone heard of this ps3 downgrade site?

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    Lightbulb Have anyone heard of this ps3 downgrade site?

    I have done many wii softmod and i really enjoy this site.

    I just bought superslim ps3 500gb and upgrade it from 4.21 to 4.25 because didnt let me go to PSN.

    I have search many site for jb and cant find. Then today i found this site and many comments from ppl seem to proves it worked for them. I dont know where this info is creditable to anyone here. But its a wordpres website.

    Downgrade | PS3 Hacks CFW Downgrade News

    I dont know anything or how to jb ps3 but only one thing i am affraid is bricking it. I have seen and read many people tempting to downgrade and got bricked.
    And when i clicked on those link to down the cfw it has survey. So i thought of this site and i'd better ask before i do anything stupid

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    There is no jailbreak from anything higher than 3.55.

    And since your ps3 came new with 4.21, it can not be downgraded to 3.55. Even with a hardware flasher. Which is currently the only way to downgrade from any firmware 3.56 or higher.

    Any of those sites like the one you linked are fake. Same with the stupid YouTube videos.

    The 3000 and 4000 series PS3s are not hackable.

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    Thank you for the clarification.
    I guess its too good to be true

    I really dont understand these people whom like to waste/trick people.

    But its good to have folks like us here



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