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Thread: Call of duty Black ops/Modern warfare 3 Loading problem

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    Call of duty Black ops/Modern warfare 3 Loading problem

    Hello. I have PAL softmoded Wii 3.4E and playing games through USB loader. I have problem with Call of duty black ops and modern warfare 3. I using the PAL version of games. While I'm running it, the controller info screens showing and then is loading animation (the console isn't freeze, I can hit home button (and the icon shows than now it cannot be used or turn off console) The games won't start. I seraching some in the web and found that I must update my IOS249, but i checked, i have r21. Also I have problem with running call of duty 3 (NTSC version, forced to PAL) And console freezes while loading. I hope that I posted this topic in right categoty and hope you can help me.

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