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Thread: Sundriver Black screen, please help!

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    Sundriver Black screen, please help!

    Hi All,

    I fitted a Sunderive HD in my Wii that got off a mate. The problem I have is if I connected it to the PC via USB I can see the games etc, once I take out the USB & turn on the Wii I get the gamecube disc drive. I click load GC Game screen

    My Wii is a US one that is running 4.1U, do I need to update it etc?

    Any ideas?

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    Most problems are solved u you use the nero dual programmer and put the latest firmware on youre sundriver
    Or you can try an older program on your pc to put games on your sundriver.
    If you have a softmodded wii try loding te game via the usbloader .. by some games i have to do this and can adjust gamesettings

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    did u install the sysmenu .iso?????
    that could be your problem cus it needs the menu to function. on another note has anyone tried dragging and dropping all the info on their sun drivers hdd to a pc and back again without using that damn transfer tool? I have a mac now and dont feel like running bootcamp to do all that,so if drag and drop works thatd be great
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