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Thread: A Multi-Purpose Soft Modded Wii

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    A Multi-Purpose Soft Modded Wii

    First of all I would like to say hello to the wiihacks community, I have been very entertained reading many posts and modding my Wii (which I bought just so I could mod).

    Ideally, I would like to be able to create a Wii that is able to load all of my past nintendo console's (eg, SNES, N64, Gamecube) that I have bought since I was young, in addition to the extra 'bonus' features that come with a modded wii (such as the ability to play disks, listen to music, etc).

    Currently I have:
    -Followed the Softmod any Wii tutorial by Mauifrog to take my first steps.
    -Been able to source the .wad's for many of the old games that I own (though I am a bit upset that there is no Starwars - Racer and Donkey Kong 64 .wad's) .
    -Format a new WD hardrive with WBFS and FAT32 partitions to be able to play these Virtual Console games (and having a bit of trouble with Super Smash Bros. but I was able to solve that).
    -Been able to use the Wii as a media player.

    However, I have been UNABLE to:
    -simulate a Gamecube in order to rip/install games on the USB harddrive (such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, metroid prime, etc)
    -unable to avoid creating two partitions on my USB Harddrive as I followed the WiiWare/VC using ISO forwarders guide by emuhack.
    -unable to convert my 32gb USB Flash Drive into a 'Fixed Disk', which would enable multiple partitions to be created (as briefly mentioned at the end of this guide:

    So basically, I was hoping to get pointed in the right direction to some guides or provided with some information that I have been searching this website for.

    My most important issue is that I would like to EITHER format my USB Harddrive or Flash drive to FAT32, WBFS or NTFS, and be able to run Virtual Console (wiiware is not too important as I only bought two games) games, nintendo gamecube games, and wii games.
    I am able to follow this guide, but I am not yet sure if it would enable me to achieve everything that I stated above -

    I understand that I could use Triiforce to play VC games off a FAT partition, but I am wondering if there are many games that it is not compatible with. I am already able to RIP my Wii games straight into the harddrive (FAT32 or WBFS) by using USB Loader GX or another USB loader supplied by Mauifrog's guide. And I am currently trying to find a guide that is the most reliable for enabling the ripping/installation of GC games onto my USE Harddrive.
    These are the threads I am currently considering:

    Any input into different or better loaders I could use, how to use only one USB device to achieve the above effectively, and anything else that is interesting, fun or useful is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I would shorten that down a bit. Right now I am not home, but I will take another look at your post when I get to my cpu.

    You can follow that Fat 32 Guide and we recommend fat as it supports HBC and wii games as well as game cube games.
    Remember to format your fat32 drive with 32kb cluster , so that the GameCube games can be read.
    Now for your your GC games and to Emulate your nand follow this Here.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Jax.

    Sorry about the long post, I just didnt want to seem like another one of those Newbies who hasnt sought out any information for themself :P

    So if I did format my hard drive to FAT32 using that guide, which emulating software would I use for the Virtual console games (triiforce?)? Because I have been using the iso forwarder and am quite happy with that, except the fact that it requires a WBFS partition.

    Funnily enough, that GC and nand emulation guide was the one I was thinking of using. Thankyou for the confirmation.


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    You Really don't need triiforce....cause the usb loader gx can and will emulate vc/wiiware games with out any problems.

    I meant to mention that , that's my fault for not doing so.
    Sorry about that.

    You wont need anything to support the vc/wiiware games because the usb loader gx can do it all.
    The usb loader just wont put an forwarder channel on your wii menu.
    I use this method because I don't want to have to clear out my wii, because my hard drives are more then capable of holding all of the saves.

    This is just me,. I have never used uneek or any other method.

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    Yeah, I just want all of my nintendo (well most) games all in one place for when I travel between my house and my parents.

    Sorry for asking, but I dont know how to add these games to my hard drive for this particular method. For example, I needed my wii .wads and iso forwarders to use my current setup. So does that mean that all I need to do is add the .wads to my FAT32 partition and USB Loader GX will detect and be able to play them? If not, do you have a link to a place where I could find out more?

    I am quite happy not having the forwarders on my wiimenu because I am able to boot directly to the USB loader anyway.

    I know what you mean, that is why I wanted to use my USB Thumb Drive, as it would be capable of holding almost all of my games, and I could use another USB for the rest.

    OK, false alarm. I managed to get all of the games on my harddrive, and I placed the loader file on my SD as that is the defualt path, and I am just getting a black screen before the wii resetting. Any ideas on what I did wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdamienyoung View Post
    OK, false alarm. I managed to get all of the games on my harddrive, and I placed the loader file on my SD as that is the defualt path, and I am just getting a black screen before the wii resetting. Any ideas on what I did wrong?
    If your usb loader is not showing up ...make sure you have it in the Apps folder and the usb loader gx must be in it's own folder like so..
    SD:/apps/usb loader gx/boot.dol
    So you will put the folder with the usb loader gx in the apps folder.

    Make sure all the wii games are in a folder called WBFS since your formatted to fat32 and the game cube games go in to a folder called Games.
    Also you can change the path of where to look for loaders by going to HBC and pressing the 1 button and selecting USB and hit o.k. to save.
    Make sure to have your loaders as mentioned above, it will look like this...USB:/apps/Usb loader gx/boot.dol

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    My USB loader is showing up, with every single one of my games. It is just when I try to run them where I hit some trouble. Without the SD (now harddrive) I got the "could not find loader.dol", andn when I had that in place I would just get a black screen (where the wii is not frozen) and occasionally it resets back to the wii menu.

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    Do this...
    Please Make sure your HDD is on this List.
    You could also try A Flash Drive , if possible.
    Also have a look here...Blackscreens & Freezes Causes & Solutions.

    If everything is in the right order you should have no problems.
    Post a system check.Link How To Post A System Check.

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    I did ensure that my harddrive was on that list before I purchased it. It is a WD My Passport Essential 500gb.

    I am currently swamped with my exams, but I will get back to you in a months time with a system check and after reading around on the suggested threads and trying again from scratch. Once again, you have been a huge help. I will be looking forward to the ends of exams!

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