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Thread: Restored wii ,Sd card slot broken , how to reinstall hombrew from usb

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    Restored wii ,Sd card slot broken , how to reinstall hombrew from usb

    My wii was hacked a wile back.. I had homebrew and emulators and other things . It was the best thing i ever did, I loved it . But i bought a gamestop brand controller a wile back and it never seemed to not work it would shut my wii off . so I decided today to restore my wii to factory settings to see if that would fix the problem . I failed to realize that since my sd card slot doesnt work any more ( i tried formatting and using different cards) i wont be able to put hombrew back .. I was using my usb drive in the omebrew browser after my sd card slot stopped working . but i looked online and the only thing i kept seeing was that you cant use a usb a drive to add homebrew ..PLEASE HELP IM ACTUALLY CRYING ..I just got movies to play last night with Wii mc and i was all happy ..PLEASE IF THERES ANY SOLUTION i have the homebrew files on my usb still btw..
    my wii is on 4.3u and it took me a long time to get the hack to work i did this last year .PLEASE if anyone can help me

    and dont say to get a new one i cant . and i cant return it cause hacking the wii voids your Warranty

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