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Thread: Wii sport resort black screen

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    Wii sport resort black screen

    I've read some solution threats about this error in this forum, choose player.dol...... And try, but its still not working. When i finished wathching wii motion+ video, choose wii sport resort and It returned to wii menu. I also tried so many way like change alt.dol, change ios ( with hopeless ) but..... I use CFG usb loader v68, plzz help me !!

    And when i started Okami, Screens turned Black and my wii was freeze.

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    If you have problem with loader easiest way is to run game from disc channel that will create necessary save file and after it run game by usb loader. Remember don't start intro movie because you will get black screen

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    He could try using cfg v70. That's what I'm using. Had no problems with Sports Resort. I've got Wii Sports + Sports resort on one Disc. It came with the Wii.


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