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Thread: Wii Backup Manager - SSBB No MD5 Hash 'Not Found'

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    Wii Backup Manager - SSBB No MD5 Hash 'Not Found'

    I ripped my copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and was checking out Wii Backup Manager and I noticed that the MD5 Hash is "Not Found." I have tried to do a "Re-Calculate" but it keeps failing for the MD5. The SHA1 passes though. When I look in the log of the Wii Backup Manager it shows: WiiDisc.Read Error Reading Disc and some other errors and warnings. I am still new to using Wii Backup Manager and not sure what this means. I have downloaded the Covers, the DB and titles list and have all the checks checked for the Renaming settings. Any help?

    I am not really sure what the WiiDisc.Read Error that keeps displaying since it is loading from my External (WiiFatDrive.OpenExternal etc).
    Error: CalculateMD5Thread RSBE01 Super Smash Bros. Failed
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