I have connected the wii to the monitor samsung p2370ms with a component cable R W (audio cables) and R B G (video cables). All of them correctly connected. I have no signal when i select component source in the monitor. When i put the Green cable into the composite video i get image but in white and black (of course, i am giving 1 cable with only part of the total signal).
I adjusted the console to 480p and widescreen. But never get the signal with the component cable.

This is the back panel http://gxsaurav.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/rear.jpg
The cable gives signal because if i plug the green component cable into the av video i get signal.

The component slots are working because i tried with another samsung p2370ms monitor and i have the same problem.
Someone can help me? monitor refresh rate can be affecting? I have no idea what kind of problem i have. Thanks.