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Thread: Firmware updater

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    I'm sick of buying r4 I cards, ballsin them up and then pecking my head which update to put on.
    I bought the r4i gold plus.. With the blue usb firmware updater thing.
    I downloaded that many nds, zipped files, transferred onto chip,chip into DS..
    Even found out that it can be done without 2 ds's but still can get it going
    Is it possible that my blue firmware thing is faulty?? It doesn't even light up?.
    But my boy has took a liking to the DS again. What's the best one to get now?

    (I've proper fell out with doin it now, some of my little collection of of useless cards!!)
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    Supercard DS2 is the one I use and one of the best, always has the latest updates for it

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    If its like mine

    R4I GOLD PLUS|R4|R4I GOLD|R4i|3DS|DS|LL|XL|revolution|DSL|DSI|slow-motion|Real-Time-Save

    Then the blue updater only worked with my 2gb card, tried updating with a 8gb and nothing.


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    If you want to buy a flashcart for your 3DS XL, just buy Dtwo or r4i gold 3ds from

    if you want to buy a flashcart for 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi or DS console. just buy DStwo, acekard 2i or r4i gold 3ds from

    the r4i gold 3ds card should be this one: R4i Gold 3DS Wood R4i 3DS flashcard For DS DSi 3DS if you want to buy a r4 card, just buy the one linked, other R4 cards will give you a lot of update problems.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    Right I've finally received my r4i 3ds..

    So all I've to do now it put the latest kernel on the SD card and NDSfiles and I'm ready to go??
    Please someone reply before I bugger this one up.. I'm fact I'm not putting it in till I'm positive it'll work
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    yeah, usually you just need to do a few steps:

    get a sd card, suggest you format it before you use it.

    1. download the latest wood firmware V1.53 ftp://r4idsdown:r4idsdown@www.r4ids....old_V1.53b.rar extract it and then put all the files in the root of your sd card.

    2. put the game roms in the sd card. insert the sd card and r4i gold 3ds card to your ds console. power on and play.

    check the guide here: Tutorial: How to use the R4i gold 3ds card for your 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi and DSL
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    "R4i Gold 3DS Starting"
    That's what it's stuck on now


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    this problem usually means you didn't put the correct firmware in the correct place or the sd card problem, can you format your sd card. download the latest wood firmware. and make sure put the firmware files in the root of your sd card.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    Step2: Download the latest woodf firmware from the official site. you can alwasy get the latest wood firmware from here: After you download the file, extract it, you will get a folder called “__rpg” and a file called “_DS_MENU.DAT” you just put them in the root of your sd card.

    Or do I put all that I extracted from the firmware

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    I've done it

    Not sure how or what I did different from last time but I've done it.
    I now have a R4 menu and I know where to go from here

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