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Thread: How do I hack my RVL-001 (USA) LU81XXXXXX Wii? (I'm completely new to this.)

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    Question How do I hack my RVL-001 (USA) LU81XXXXXX Wii? (I'm completely new to this.)

    Okay, so I've been wanting to hack my Wii to where I can burn games to DVD and play them on my Wii. I tried this year ago with my previous Wii, but didn't get very far at all. I think it was the Wii I had or something. Now I have this new Wii and I want to try my hand at it again. But I don't really know where to start or even the right terms to search. So I figured instead of wasting my time, someone of more experience could try and point me in the right direction? What exactly am I looking to do, and what guide would for best for me? I obviously don't want to do any damage to my Wii at all, so I want to be pretty careful about it and do the research first.

    Thank you, I'm open to any advice you might have.

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    Please follow any Wii hacking guide by Mauifrog - you will find there all necessary information about hacking your Wii.

    Making your new Wii to run burned games is more tricky. You will need to replace you Wii dvd drive that will be able to read burned media. Please check your wii drive on this site. Search on ebay/electronic store for drive with D2(X) or lower chipset number.

    btw - after making softmod you will be able to run usb loader apps that are much more better than burned dvd. You will need to have usb flashdrive or usb hdd drive (Here you will find compatible hdd list). It's faster and more comfortable way to run your backup games - put your wii game into drive, make copy from usb loader and play from usb

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    Ah, that makes sense. Only problem is my flashdrive is only 2GB. Do I need to go pick up a bigger one, or can I use one of my SD cards (16GB)?

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    I'm using 16 gb flashdrive for my games backup (especially helpful with EA Sport Active 2 - which loads 1000% faster than from dvd ) and 32 gb sd card (class 10) for guitar hero dlc, gamecube/psx backup games and scumvm project
    On 16 gb flashdrive im having 3-6 games (some are bigger some arent but i think 32 gb flashdrive is enough You will not need more space for your games - because wou will not have time to play
    Of course you can plug hdd and have great collection but why ?

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    I have a better way...
    This tells you everything you need to know and doesn't require for you to buy a dvd drive for you wii!


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