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Thread: Is my wii modded? Newbie needs help!

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    I'm not 100% on this anymore, but last time I checked, even if you do manage to enable your ability to update the Wii while it's modded, this is BAD NEWS.

    You can brick your Wii which could make it a useless paperweight if you're not careful. But take what I say with a grain of salt. I haven't been in the scene recently and I may not be correct about the way soft mods work anymore.

    If you have the time, just take a look at the soft mod any wii guide. HERE ---->

    It's VERY simple and you could be done in just a few hours with a successfully updated, soft-modded Wii to happily play ANY of the newer games you want, and even have the option of backing up said games to an external drive for playing without the use of the original disc to save time, space, and frustration in the future.

    Whatever your decision, good luck!


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    Have you tried to manualy update the wii?

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    It took a few days but I finally finished the guide and everything works the way I want!! Thank you all for your help!!

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    Issue Solved....Thread Closed!

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