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Thread: Hey there, New to the site, small problem.

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    Hey there, New to the site, small problem.

    Hey! As you could probably guess by me posting in this site I'm new. I've had my Wii for quiet some time now and it's frankly been gathering dust since a lot of my games were heavily scratched (neighbours cats) and un-playable anymore.

    I finally decided to softmod it, since i wanted to play those games again, but didn't want to cash out for them once more.

    Followed the guide on here called: How to Softmod any wii, or something along those lines, and it seems to work as it should, i only have one minor problem.
    I tried with a FAT32 format at first, but USB Loader GX didn't seem to recognize the HDD then. So i re-formatted part of it to WBFS and threw a game on there and, it worked.. Sorta..

    It seems that as soon as i try to launch the game it just shows a black screen and won't connect to my Wii-mote anymore, so i have to hold down the power button for 5 sec to restart it.

    The TV i have should be PAL, and i have tried changing the launch settings around to the PAL settings, but nothing worked.

    Any ideas of what i might be doing wrong? Any help much appreciated.



    (P.S Awesome forum you have here, great to see such a good community)

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    Hello and welcome! I am also new here so I could be wrong but you might want to post this issue > CLICK HERE< or post in the newbies or soft mods issue's thread (thanks Jax) as those seems to be the places to get the information you are looking for!
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    Hello and Welcome to

    You have just joined the best Nintendo Wii modding community there is!!

    Before you start, we ask that you please read the Forum Rules and try your best to follow them.
    There are a few things in there that you really need to know prior to making any posts, so please take a few minutes to read them!

    Now that you understand the basics of how the forum works, it is time to get to modding!

    Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

    Already modded? In need of an update? Follow another mod guide from somewhere else and didn't have the best of luck?
    The Softmod ANY Wii guide has you covered. It is regularly updated and tested by the staff here at WiiHacks.
    And YES, using this guide you can indeed Softmod ANY Wii!

    "So what the heck is this IOS, cIOS, blah blah stuff? I don't understand a word of it!" - Sound like you?
    Take a look at Bluphants guide Thinking about hacking a wii? Start here! [A basic introduction to Wii hacking].

    So, now that you have your Wii modded, its time to start backing up those discs!
    First, please make note that your Wii will not be able to play burned discs if it was made after mid 2009.
    If you have a Wii newer than that, you will only be able to load games from a USB Hard Drive or Flash Drive (we highly recommend USB loading anyways ).
    Before you decide to go spend that hard earned cash on a new USB drive, be sure to take a look at our USB Compatibility List.

    Now that you have a compatible drive, take a look at Pob3008's [Guide] Fat32.
    It will instruct you on how to properly set up your new drive and how to put your games on it!

    YAY!!! So now you have your games on your new drive!
    You are playing like crazy, then you decide to play a game that you haven't played since modding.
    Oh NO!!! It wont work!!!
    Have no fear! BMarlo is here! And so is his Ultimate List of Troublesome Games and their Solutions!

    There are many other threads and guides around the site that give a ton of useful info.
    Chances are most questions you have already have been answered at some point!
    Do some searching and reading to find what you are looking for. In fact we even have a guide for that! Emuhack's [GUIDE] Ultimate Searching Tool [Guide].

    A few other helpful links!
    Playing Gamecube Backups From Disc - only for if your Wii can read burned discs!
    Dios Mios Lite - for playing Gamecube backups from SD!
    Wii Modchip Users Go Here!!!

    WiiHacks also has an IRC, so you can chat with members and staff! Take a look at the guide Connecting to WiiHacks IRC

    A few last things: If someone helps you, it would be nice of you to click the little Thanks button below their post. Its always nice to know that giving help is appreciated! Also, if we have helped you and you are able to, please consider giving a small Donation to the site to help keep us up and running! In return we will add a donator banner under your username and also give you special access to a donator's only forum!

    Again, Welcome to the best Wii modding community there is!!!

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    Hey! Thanks for the nice welcome. I followed the FAT32 guide you posted and everything is working perfectly now.

    Time to re-play Epic Mickey! Thanks a bunch, looking forward to being part of such an awesome community^^


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    I like pudding
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