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Thread: Need help with black and white games

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    Need help with black and white games

    Kinda new to wii hacking, i recently softmodded my wii to play my backed up games everything worked great. The problem is i was playing i backed out to system menu and while usb loader was loading it froze i reset the wii and when i went back to play my game the games where in black and white, Three of them where three weren't. I thought maybe the files were corrupted so i deleted them and put others back on to the same thing the other games i had on there work great. Do i need to take everything off the flash drive and redo the card? I'm using wbfs manager to put the games on and im using usb loader gx to run them i tried wiiflow to but get the same results. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.

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    They are out of region games.

    You will have to force them to your region Pal or Ntsc.
    Go to select the game , then to settings, then go to video mode , and force it to your region.
    Save it and your all set.

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