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Thread: Help with a games freezing issue

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    Help with a games freezing issue

    Hello all, I've been working on a problem with my backups freezing during gameplay for a month or two now. I've done a lot of troubleshooting research and tweaking but i'm still new at this so I'm very much in need of advice. Here's my situation:

    I'm running my backups (via USB Loader GX) on a WD7500ACS 750GB Caviar Green drive, it's in a MyBook enclosure. From what I've gathered, these drives are known to have spindown issues, but Western Digital has no tools available to disable any power saving or spindown features on the green drive.

    This drive was originally formatted to NTFS. Worked okay for a while, then pretty soon I was seeing frequent freeze-ups during play. So I reformatted the drive to WBFS. It might be notable that I have had problems transferring backups between my PC and my USB HDD via Wii Backup Manager ever since I formatted to WBFS (just another symptom FWIW).

    Game freeze-ups kept happening, it's pretty common now and I've never gotten through even one full hour of play time. So I reformatted the drive to FAT32 using wbfs2fat (in-place file system conversion). Tested again once in FAT32 and still have problems with the games I tested, freezing up mid-way through.

    I read that Hermes cIOS 222 fixes spindown by pinging the HDD consistently. So I installed IOS 236, and then 222 . Tested again, and while I did get further into my gameplay, it still froze up. Note: I am using v5.1 of Hermes 222 on USB Loader GX, is that compatible or must it be v4? Also is there anything I'm supposed to do when booting up the games to assign an IOS?

    So here I am at my wit's end, no idea what to do. I've included a system check below if that might aid in a diagnosis. Please note, this syscheck was performed BEFORE I installed ios 236 and 222. Help is greatly appreciated!!!!



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    It apears Seagate has some literatures about managing (enable/disable) the HDD sleeping mode. Pls google for reading.

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    I've had the same issue recently. I don't know if you have tried this already, but a simple USB cable change fixed the problem for me. Hope it does work if you've not already tried it.

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    IIRC the OP has posted this in multiple sections of the forum. Makes it tough to track what has been tried and not.... Regardless, I think the enclosure itself has some sort of power saving. May want to look up tools for the enclosure instead of the drive itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    It apears Seagate has some literatures about managing (enable/disable) the HDD sleeping mode. Pls google for reading.
    I don't have a seagate, it's a western digital.

    And yes, cjizzle, while this post appears in one other place on the forum, I have edited and updated that post but I felt at this point, a new post here would be able to give a less confusing, more recent status. This thread represents my latest situation. Sorry for posting in two places, but I felt this offers the best synopsis.


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