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Thread: Self bricked wii

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    Self bricked wii

    I have some big problems with my WII. So on start, my WII is first from I think 2005-2006 production, I soft modded it and do nothing to now (when my guitar hero not work). So I decide to make update with Pimp my Wii.

    Of course I don't make any backup, before started all process....

    After Pimp my Wii finish all updates, console restart, and started with my preloader v0.30.

    But when I want to start "system menu" says me : es_diverify failed
    When I try to start Homebrew Channel also put me error : Error autobooting HBC. maybe title not installed?

    So I can't start anything, on this forum I found short guide, with these steps:
    Download system menu 4.1u wad
    Download ios60patched.wad
    Place both wads in sd:\wads
    Place wadmanager's boot.dol in the root of your sd-card
    load preloader
    click load/install
    load wadmanager
    use ios249
    1st- install patched ios60
    2nd- install system menu v449
    then reinstall preloader

    I have 4.2u system manu, but I want try with 4.1u and ios60...

    When I finally start Wad Manager 1.7, when open program welcome screen, my WII remote switch off, and it wont start... (I don't know, freezing?).
    When I want sync with WII nothing happen.

    I don't know what I should do now.

    Thanks for help.

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    I can't help you with your brick one of the Gods I mean Mods will have to do that, but is your remote a newer one with motion plus built in?

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    Just follow the softmod any Wii guide in the tutorials section. Do the whole guide, start to finish. Load the hackmii boot.bowl from preloaders load/install menu.

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    All done and working. Thanks.

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