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Thread: MyMenuify - Menu Loads, However fails to install menu?

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    MyMenuify - Menu Loads, However fails to install menu?


    Alright, first of all i'm on 4.3u. Removed Stub Ios 249 in order to get MyMenuify to load on the HBC. I download 4.3u .csm from ModMii. From the MyMenuify i located the .csm file and tried to install it, only it failed.

    Wondering what the issue is, does anyone have an idea?

    Installed MyMenuifyMod v1.5, Used Cios 249 (56 base) to install my .csm that i placed in SD>modthemes.

    Just in case anyone else reads this having this issue Feel free to close the thread mods! Thank you.
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    Closed at Ops request.


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