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Thread: Problem wii

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    Problem wii

    Hello to all ! I'm New Okk

    Yesterday i had installed a theme for wii with mymenuify/homebrew channel ,,After That i restart the wii ...
    Now it's started correctly but after it's all black ,,i know it's a theme brick
    How i fix it??? i have bootmi as ios and i haven't priiloader/preeloader and my sistem firmware is 4.3E

    What can i do?? Please tell me ..

    Sorry for bad english i'm a italian boy

    Thanks for all

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    Without priloader or having bootmii as boot2 you are pretty much screwed. I am pretty sure the only way to fix it, is to find someone that can do nand programming that is if you have ypur nand keys and ect. You should never have tried to install a theme without being boot2 or priloader. Lesson learned!

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