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Thread: Problem with Wii Sensor Bar, or Wii itself?

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    Exclamation Problem with Wii Sensor Bar, or Wii itself?

    When I point the Wii Cursor at the screen using a Wii Remote, I noticed that every .5 to 1 seconds the Cursor stops reading input and kind of stutters for about .2 seconds or so, everything is still playable, and it doesn't affect functionality in an annoying way, but I was wondering what the problem is.

    Some info I gathered that could help:
    • I tested it on 3 Different Wii Remotes.
    • When I go into the Wii System menu and adjust sensitivity, you get the black box with 2 white circles (What the Sensor bar sees from the Wii Remote), I noticed the circles blink every .5 to 1 seconds and come back on about .2 seconds later. Which explains what's wrong with input.

    What could be causing this, and how do I fix it? Is it the Sensor Bar? Something to do with the Softmodding? So Far I'm booting games from Disc fine with NeoGamma, no problems there, USB Loader GX v3.0 R1200 successfully booting WBFS Wii games from a HDD Partition in USB 0, and I got Gamecube games playing perfectly fine through the Dios Mios Booter tool (USB Loader GX hangs on "Initialize USB Device" when I use the Gamecube USB Stick) with Dios Mios V2.2. I see no surface problems with the softmodding or homebrew currently.
    D2X v8 IOS 58, 249, 21008
    Neogamma v9 R56,
    HBC V1.10

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    Anyone know why it's doing this?

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    Ensure your batteries are good
    Ensure the wiimote and sensor bar is clean
    Eliminate external light source

    If needed test another wiimote or another sensor bar. You could turn out the lights and use two candles as a sensor bar to test.

    Test the system, is the issue present all the time, or only in the system menu, the HBC, usb loader, games, Wii channels, etc.

    Let me know what you find out.

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    Tried about 10 different sets of batteries, tested all with a battery tester, some were 4/5 charge, most were 5/5 charge.

    I cleaned the wiimote and sensor bar. I turned off all lights. The issue is present anywhere that the remote and sensor are used.

    I just moved the Wii out into the living room and sat on the couch (I would say roughly about 6-11 feet away from the TV), and the remote is nearly unresponsive. I went into the Sensitivity adjuster so I could watch the 2 Remote lights, and the farther I got from the Sensor bar, the more they blink sporadically (They both blink randomly, not in unision).
    From about 4 feet away, it's fine, from 6 feet away, they begin to blink rapidly, from another foot away, they begin to blink so much that the remote is barely communicating anymore, and any farther is impossible to use.

    The Wii did the blinking thing before it was Hacked. I got it for nearly nothing from a relative, and noticed the minor stuttering while in my room. But it's impossible to play in the living room at greater distances.

    I'll try the Candle thing right now, and then I may know if it has something to do with the sensor bar, or the Remote-to-Wii connection.

    Edit: Candles seems to of had no effect on anything.
    Edit2: Ok I tried something else again. I moved the Sensor Bar way up into the middle of the living room on a stool, and it's fine again. I guess I may just have to play like this, even with people over.
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    Still need help on this one.


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