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Thread: I just took apart my Wii

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    Exclamation I just took apart my Wii

    My Wii recently was possibly overheated by sitting next to my xbox for too long while it was also running (whoops!). It would turn on normal, but wouldn't run games. Eventually it wouldn't go past the Warning screen, but now it's just a black screen. I use component cables, and now it doesn't detect the Wii. It at least turns the screen black when I use AV cables.
    I'm assuming this is the CPU burnt out, but what I want to do is possibly switch the hard drive of another Wii--if this is even possible?

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    It is possible to replace the wii's mainboard, or possible to replace only the av encoder on to the wii mainboard if you can solder well. Perhaps you should contact someone familiar with soldering the wii mainboard. I would talk to deadlyfoez, bad-ad84, or streamlinehd about this. But considering the price of a wii, it may be cheapest to pick up a used wii as a replacement.
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    You can find replacement consoles fairly cheap, I have both the main board and also a spare console available if you are interested.

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    Cool. What I'm wanting to do is to keep my save files on the Wii system memory, is that possible at all though?

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