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    Just signed up to take a look at homebrewing. I've got a red wii and my son has managed to scratch his super mario game to the point that it won't play. I did some polishing on it and get it to work sometimes. I really hate to spend more money on another game and have the same thing happen a few months down the road. A friend told me that this may be the way to go as I could load the game onto a thumb drive with one of the homebrew apps.

    I'm just computer literate enough to get into trouble. So I'm a little scared about doing this and possibly ruining my wii. My wife says I won't be getting another one. We'll see what I come up with and if I can make the jump or not.

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    Glad to hear that polishing it worked for you, at least somewhat. I tried that too but failed miserably. But the time I was done with the disc it looked like I had taken sandpaper to it.

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    Wow, thanks that was really helpful.

    I'm only doing this to be able to run games from a thumb drive so I don't have to spend any more money to replace them. The softmod itself looks easy enough to do. I've just started looking at how to install the loaders to copy the game to.

    2 questions, How long does it typically take to do the initial softmod? And can I use just any thumb drive to store a game on? I've only got a couple of games that get played regularly that will need to go on them. If I can get this to work I'm hoping that the machine at the video store will get the game in good enough condition to copy. Also I'd by using a mac, are most of these compatible with it?

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    This isn't really the place to ask questions. I will give you some quick answers then close the thread.

    It shouldn't take more than an hour to do the mod. Making the NAND backup is really the most time consuming part.

    Usb devices are not all compatible, yours may work and it may not. We do have a compatibility list on the site that should help you out there.

    Read the guide and then read it again. I think there may be some issues with using a mac but am pretty sure they are addressed in the guide. Good luck and if you do run into problems please post them in the correct area, which most likely will be the guide thread.


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